Winter Waterfowl Migration — Jet Eliot

Northern California is in quite a storm stir this week and last, as many of you have probably seen on the news. Here’s a look at the winter bird migration before the storms began. Snow Geese and snow-topped mtns, CA In mid-December we visited two wildlife refuges in the Sacramento Valley and it was fantastic, […]

Winter Waterfowl Migration — Jet Eliot

Hoo R U? —

Meet the very curious burrowing owl who clearly wonders who the heck you are! Burrowing Owls are a federally protected species in the US, Canada, and in Mexico. They are designated endangered, threatened, or a species of special concern, in nine US states, including California. This burrowing owl pair lives at Avian Behavior International in…

Hoo R U? —

When the raven danced

black bird on green grass
Photo by Daniil Komov on

On the tilting edge of the moon

The raven danced

To herald the coming

Of a newer, spirit-misted world.

Black – so many of the days

Of yesteryear,

Caught in a curled tailspin

Of swirling dust,

Yet, within the eye

Of the innocent deer,

Who stands at the border of the forest

Her toes of moonlight

Dipped in the stream

Of whirling


There, the ancient fire glows.


Not far away,

The spry

Young dragon

Who chanced by –

Timid – gathers

His courage

And leaps into the fray

To play

With his lively brother.

Old deep songs in the fall-enchanted hills


A distant memory,

A clatter of bones,

Round and round the strings

Of former days

Strung together

Like ringed stones

That still


Among the dark, foreboding, rocky pillars

Of the night.


Born anew,

The recurring

Blessing —

Of the bird-lit house of flowers

Perched on the tall hill –

Glimmers by the footsteps

Of the last fairy


By the fish-finned


In the raindrops

Of glistening showers,

Fallen from the silver mountain,


In the sacred sun,

Where the raven dreams

And dances

In the final, awakening days

Of prophecy,

In the cold wind.

Copyright Sharon St Joan 2022

Bird and birdsong encounters improve mental health, study finds —

The Guardian reports Research suggests visits to places with birdlife could be prescribed by doctors to improve mental wellbeing One swallow may not make a summer but seeing or hearing birds does improve mental wellbeing, researchers have found. The study, led by academics from King’s College London, also found that everyday encounters with birds boosted […]

Bird and birdsong encounters improve mental health, study finds —


By Kristine Crandall

The yellow-breasted chat was teasing me, enticing me to follow and try and see him. I felt so close, the whistle echoing against the wall of cliffs. Thirty seconds later I heard him way up the Santa Clara River. I walked along the trail for a few minutes, getting closer, even closer…It was briefly quiet before I realized he was up beyond the next bend. Worn out, but not disappointed, I turned around and hiked out. This same pattern has repeated across many summer hikes here. They merge into one.

Photo: Attribution: Jim Conrad, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Micro-Season: “The Geese Arrive” — Naturalist Weekly

We have entered the micro-season of “The Geese Arrive”. This is the first micro-season of the mini-season of Cold Dew. As a way to celebrate this season, we will learn about the White-Fronted Goose and then read haiku by Issa, Basho, Takaha Shugyo, and Buson.

Micro-Season: “The Geese Arrive” — Naturalist Weekly

Celebrating Ibis — Jet Eliot

Humans have been celebrating ibis, a large wading bird, for thousands of years. Here is a brief overview and extensive photo gallery of ibis around the world; beginning with ancient times and ending with my favorite. Australian White Ibis There are 29 species of ibis in the world today, on all continents except Antarctica. White […]

Celebrating Ibis — Jet Eliot