Mourning dove

close up shot of a dove
Photo by Tina Nord on

The mourning dove

Ambles along

Unhindered by the knotted cares of

A world run astray.

Only the wind

Speaks to her

And the great sky


Where the blue dove


Wreathed in bells of sunlight,

Their light

Falls on ancient stone sundials,

That foretell

The times that are

And yet to be.

Then only the earth-lit rains follow after

That sing

Their song

Of lilting laughter,

That drizzle down quiet afternoons.

Only the peace

Of the presence of Eternity.

The unraveling mystery of the runes.

Overhead fly the geese

Of spring

And the white butterfly

Who flits, twinkling,

Among the sage brush dancing

Gently in the wind,

Their stems still gray

From the length

Of the snowing days

Of winter.

Out of emptiness climbs


While the tall cliff anchors time

And in the creek below,

The minnow

Flits on by,


The dove takes flight,

Wings whistling

Into the unknown,

Alone, yet not alone,

With her crowds of brothers and sisters,

Where the juniper trees gather

Under the wings of spring,

In the brave winds –


© Copyright Sharon St Joan, 2023

2 thoughts on “Mourning dove

  1. A late reply – thank you so much, Debra! I used to raise orphaned wild baby doves before I became a wildlife rehabilitator – a long time ago.

  2. I quite enjoyed this one, Sharon. This is the way I too experience the dove. I always enjoy the way you invoke the eternal essence of things.

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