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V Ramasamy


When I planned my trip to Patna, all my friends expressed an odd look. When I informed them that I will be going to Bodh Gaya they changed their expression which was so pleasing. That is the effect of the name ‘Bodh Gaya’. The distance between Patna to Bodh Gaya is only 105 Kms but it took us six hours to reach Bodh Gaya. It was a nerve rattling experience due to bad condition of the road.

Bodh Gaya is the most revered of all Buddhist sacred sites as Buddha’s enlightenment happened here.The main temple complex houses the famous Mahabodhi temple, stupa and a descendant of the original Bodhi (Peepal) Tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment.

When we entered the temple we immediately got enveloped with serene and propitious feeling. We could not believe that we are actually standing on the spot where Buddha got enlightenment. At the temple we…

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The Canadians Are Coming~

I have heard quite a few Americans talking about moving to Canada, (including yours truly on occasion) but I never hear of Canadians talking about emigrating to the USA.  So I was very surprised when these guys showed up in force on Holler lakes. They haven’t been here before.

I have also rarely seen Canadians squabble amongst each other, but these guys certainly do! We were hanging out with a congenial group of happy gooseys, when all of a sudden, an invading nautical army launched themselves across the lake, to drive the peaceful gooseys away!

Come to think of it, they do kinda remind me, just a bit, of Canadian hockey players……

Anyhoo, the hockey player geese certainly did not hesitate to ram their way ashore and displace the more peaceful gooseys. 

There was lots of hissing and honking, shoving, and general mayhem, just like a hockey game!

The peaceful…

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La Paz Group

Samaria1.jpg The steep downhill path starting from Xyloskalo

If I have done it, it would have been once. And hopefully less of an issue than the examples given in this story below. It was a day in September, 1983 and I had traveled to Greece with two childhood friends, all of us now in early adulthood. With us was one new friend, who we had met in JFK airport just prior to departure.

The-river-crossing-Samaria-Gorge.jpg The peaceful river crossing Samaria Gorge

On the island of Crete, we left Xania well before sunrise to hike from the top to the bottom of Samaria Gorge, as far south in Greece as you can get and still be on land. With every switchback of our descent, I was getting more and more lost in conversation with our new friend, so that by the time we reached the bottom of the gorge I wondered where the day…

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News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from

Ancient human ancestors settled in Northern Africa much earlier than previously thought.

Researchers have discovered artifacts and animal bones bearing the cut marks of stone tools at sites in Algeria dating 1.9 million and 2.4 million years old.

While it’s long been assumed early hominins and their culture originated in East Africa, the discovery suggests their dispersal was actually far more widespread, with human ancestors ‘roaming across the Sahara’ around the same time.

The team discovered archaeological materials in two levels of a geological formation at a site called Ain Boucherit dating to 2.4 million and 1.9 million years ago (pictured) . Later excavations uncovered a trove of tools and cut-marked bones

The team discovered archaeological materials in two levels of a geological formation at a site called Ain Boucherit dating to 2.4 million and 1.9 million years ago (pictured) . Later excavations uncovered a trove of tools and cut-marked bones

The team discovered archaeological materials in two levels of a geological formation at a site called Ain Boucherit dating to 2.4 million and 1.9 million years ago (pictured) . Later excavations uncovered a trove of tools and cut-marked bones

The oldest form of stone tools, known as the Oldowan, and the associated fossil bones can be traced as far back as 2.6 million years to Gona, Ethiopia.

In the new study published…

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Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 15 November 2016 video says about itself:

Ain El Hanech (North Eastern Algeria)

The Algerian famous archeological site. Although there is uncertainty about some factors, Aïn el-Hanech (in Algeria) is the site of one of the earliest traces of hominid occupation.

From the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH) in Spain:

The whole of Africa was the cradle of humankind

Oldest stone artifacts and cutmarked bones in North Africa contemporary with archaeological materials in East Africa

November 29, 2018

A team of scientists led by Mohamed Sahnouni, archaeologist at the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH), has just published a paper in the journal Science which breaks with the paradigm that the cradle of humankind lies in East Africa, based on the archaeological remains found at sites in the region of Ain Hanech (Algeria), the oldest currently known in the north of Africa.

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Touched by Sepia

Stuff and what if...

Very dream-like look to this sepia-toned lake.

Sometimes sepia can be an overwhelming tone, so I like to use it in combination with Black & White whenever it’s fitting.  The mallard duck above is highlighted by the use of sepia selective-coloring.

These pond reflections don’t seem to mind being turned brown.

This tulip still maintains its elegance with an earthy tinge.

Bren’s Challenge: Sepia

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Desert Moonscapes~

Carve impossible vistas.

Jumbled and stacked.

Boulders perch, tossed like balls.

Cracked spines.

Desert ice cream cones.

Joshua Trees twist in tortured poses.

Mother Nature’s iconic artistry.

A gift to treasure and protect.

Joshua Tree National Park encompasses almost 800,000 acres and straddles both The Mojave and Colorado Deserts in Southern California. Joshua Trees are not trees at all, but a variety of Yucca, sculpted into bizarre shapes by desert winds. The eerie rock formations were formed eons ago by cooling lava, that cracked and split from fault uplifting, and eroded over time by wind, water and sand.

100’s of species survive in this harsh desert landscape, despite summer temperature that reach well above 100 degrees fahrenheit. Native Americans inhabited this region for thousands of years and their artifacts remain scattered throughout the park. Be careful or you will walk right by them! We encountered this metate, or grinding stone…

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Trip to North East, India

V Ramasamy

elephant falls shillong_Main_800When I decided to visit North-East of India in Apr 2009, I had a lot of apprehensions in my mind due to our pre-conceived notion arising out of adverse media reports about North East. Yet I was so determined to visit as I felt that it was a god sent opportunity. To add fuel to my apprehensions, a bomb blast incident took place at Guwahati just one day prior to our departure. But it never deterred our enthusiasm and we boarded the Air India flight as per the schedule. It was a morning flight from Delhi. Air India served us a hot and delicious breakfast. While relishing the breakfast, we had an opportunity to see the aerial view of beautiful tea gardens of Bagdogra where our flight landed on our way to Guwahati. When we reached Guwahati airport, a cool breeze welcomed us. On the way to our Guest House…

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SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

❅ ❆

Koch snowflake

❄ Snowflakes ❆❅❅❆

Tell me why you are so white
Made of clear ice yet fairer than
Pearl . . . . . .

Tell me why you are all unique
Such that no two are the same
Crystal . . . . . .

Tell me why you are so delightful
As to be courted in Julie Andrews’ favourite things
Convivial . . . . . .

Tell me why you are six-sided
Rivaling the radial symmetry of radiant stars
Hexagonal . . . . . .

Tell me why you are so beautiful
Blazing with the sparkling perfection of gemstones
Inspirational . . . . . .

Tell me why you are modelled
By the self-similitude of recursive patterns
Infinitely fractal . . . . . .


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