Winged One

shallow focus photo of swan on body of water
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Ever ancient one,

Winged One

You who sail

Beyond the chime

Of the wind,

Who enfold

The rings

Of magic beings,

You who fly

Between the lands of the stars,

Who know

The heart within all things,

Even the patterns on the tossed jars,

Of years swept out to sea

By the glinting rush of rivers,

You who climb

With the innocent


Of the flock

Of goats on the worn hill,

Who shine as the whispering of pale



As the fleet

Dance of the sacred waters,

Among the holy stones at daybreak,

Pure being,

Winged soul of time

And eternity,

You are ever the light within

The gathered shawl

Of the deepening sky,

Ever the wind set loose on the lapping



Ever the echo

Of the silver swans whose call



Within the lily

Of spring

Through the open


In the rock.

© Sharon St Joan, 2021

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One thought on “Winged One

  1. Would you be adverse to me using a selection of your poems, even tho they’re not specifically about trees, for my 4th book? I don’t want to ask you to write anything new, as I know you’ve got a lot of interests that take a lot of your time. They’d all have to be reformatted, to fit into that confined space, but maybe you could do that yourself, if you don’t want me messing around with your work.

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