The Confluence Countdown

Saw this slideshow at the Times of India about the Ganga, titled “10 little known facts about Ganga.” Here’s a link and a bit from one of the cutlines:

It is difficult to ascertain the sheer size of Ganga just with a glance at a piece of paper. Ganges river system is a very complicated, especially in the delta region. Its complex tributaries and bifurcations in Bengal make it very difficult to determine its exact length. However, it is believed to be slightly over 2,500 km in length. The Ganges Delta formed mainly by sediment-laden flows from Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers is the world’s largest delta. It covers an area of about 59,000 km2. Only the Amazon and Congo rivers have a greater average water discharge than the combined outflow of Ganges-Brahmaputra river system.

Reminder: This summer’s Namarupa Yatra Divine includes a few opportunities to bathe in the Ganga.


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