Pisces, when life is but a dream

Pisces 1-1edited

By Niamh Fodla

It’s the time of Pisces, when life is but a dream. When hard reality gives way to soft impressions. When feelings are more important than thoughts. It’s a time without certainties, and without the need for them. When time itself becomes an illusion; the ticking of the clock a hollow and meaningless sound. It’s a time to reflect, to turn inward for the answers, and to find the truth within dreams.  When colors are no longer held within shapes, and intuitions have impossibly loud whispers.

Pisces 2edited

It’s a watery time of deceptive outer stillness.


A video for feeling in Pisces:



A video for thought for the right-brained sign of Pisces:

It’s a talk by a woman who had a stroke, but who miraculously survived, and gained tremendous insight into the nature of happiness through her trying ordeal.


Pisces 3


You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

– Mark Twain


©  Niamh Fodla, 2014

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