Unpleasant reality

Just about every day, one can see heart-wrenching ads on TV about children’s hospitals. No one would disagree that these children and their parents need and deserve help.

However, many people are unaware that the word “research” in the words “research hospital” means animal experimentation.

If you feel that this experimentation is kind and gentle, sorry, but that is not the case. Here is some information about testing on animals:

Go to Humane Society International, then click on “Our Work,” then go to “Animal Testing.”

This is very painful to read, and the photos are disturbing. However, if you are unaware of the cruelty that is never mentioned at all in the ads that present only innocent children – cruelty that is being perpetrated out-of-sight on animals, you may wish to be more informed. That way you can make a conscious decision about whether or not you feel that any good can ever come from inflicting pain and death on innocent animals who have had nothing at all to do with causing human suffering.

Only you can make this decision for yourself, and this is relevant information.

by Sharon St Joan

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Addressing Climate Change Will Not “Save the Planet” — The Extinction Chronicles