Alberta in Color~ —

Fall is falling in ethereal Alberta. The Larch Trees, are turning glorious gold. It snowed last night, dusting the mountains with powder. You can just see Jim here on the trail of gold! Soon the larches will drop their needles and winter will arrive. I have been surprised by wifi reception, but tomorrow we head […]

Alberta in Color~ —

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  1. I am so grateful for you Sharon. Thank you my friend. Here we are both in Canada with covid and they will not give us the paxlovid antiviral we qualify for back home due to Canada’s strange protocols. Such is life. So good to hear from friends like you. Take good care.

    1. So very sorry to hear that you both have covid. Cindy, you are in my prayers for a quick recovery. May you be back to good health very soon. Take care. Peace and blessings.

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