A Tree

green tree below white sky
Photo by mirsad mujanovic on Pexels.com

Trees are aware of the rain – a gentle rain, filling the air with moisture – rain like silver footsteps tiptoeing on the leaves of the cottonwood tree. But that is rather poetic. “Poetic”, however, does not mean “untrue”. On the contrary, poetry and myth are the truest truths –  far more true than mere physical reality  (which only describes a small part of what is – and so is woefully incomplete).

The truth of the tree is extreme sensitivity to and awareness of the sound of the rumbling distant thunder, of the fragrance of the wet flower petals – of the gentle happiness of the forest in the falling raindrops. Truth is the tree’s awareness. A poem.

© Sharon St Joan, 2021

4 thoughts on “A Tree

  1. Evocative. I feel the oneness of poet and poem, tree and truth and the raining awareness of appreciation. No separation. Please hug cottonwood and ponderosa, inhale primrose, sage for me. ❤️Raven

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