Thamirabarani is a river in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.


Thamirabarani River

From Sahayadri to Bay of Bengal in Tirunelveli

This river starts from the southern end of Western Ghats – Sahayadri and flows eastwards into Bay of Bengal.

The shape of India narrows down in south substantially, and so the length of this river from origin to its meeting the sea, is all in one district, namely Tirunelveli.

Rishi Agastya

Rishi Agastya mentions about this river. His Ashram was located on the upper reaches of this river.

Agastiyar temple

Agastiyar Temple

Agastiyar Ghat

Agastiyar Ghat

In Ramayana

This river is mentioned in Ramayana.



Sugreeva mentions about this river.

Sugreeva dispatches a set of Vanara to the South and instructs them to search for Sita in the following locations –

“Search the Malayagir mountains, you will find Rishi Agastya there, then cross Kaveri river, then cross Tamaraparani river, then you will see the…

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