While domestic horses may have first appeared on the Eurasian steppes, it’s important to note that the horse originated in the Americas, not in Europe or Asia. They traveled from North America to Asia across the Bering Strait. There is significant evidence that wild horses never completely died out in the Americas, and that the wild horses still found in the West (although they are being persecuted) are their descendants. Thanks for an interesting article.

Today in History

The first dog may have approached a campfire looking for a morsel, or someone could have taken in a sick or wounded pup.  A wolf pack may have learned to shadow human hunting parties, the two groups learning to work together for their mutual benefit.  Two social, hierarchically organized species such as humans and wolves, would have found themselves on familiar ground.

The earliest known evidence of a domesticated dog comes to us from a cave in Iraq and dates to about 12,000 years ago. The specimen differs from that of a wolf, in that it was bred to have smaller jaws and teeth

1417509_origIt may be hard to imagine but, Canis lupus, the wolf, is the ancestor of the modern dog, Canis familiaris.  Every one of them, from Newfoundlands to Chihuahuas.


Ovis aries, sheep, were the next to be domesticated, probably in the Middle East. They provided milk, meat…

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