Jet Eliot

Spotted Hyena, Zambia

This is the day in America when shoppers are enticed into stores for big sales. But for those of us who find greater value in fresh air and nature scenes, I thought it would be fun on this Friday to take you into the black night of Africa.

Except for the light of the moon, the nights are pitch black.

Giant Eagle Owl, Botswana aka Verreaux’s Owl

Safari Night Drive. One night in Zambia we were slowly driving along in the dark when our guide stopped and told us to get ready. We couldn’t hear or see anything, but he told us which way to face. Cameras went up.

Then he turned on the spotlight and right in front of us was a pool with about a dozen hippos quietly grazing on the water plants.

Hippo Pool, Zambia

Most of the time, guides keep the spotlight turned…

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