The Hindu influence clearly seen in Central America.
Latest and strongest evidence of the Vedic connection and influence in the Maya culture of Mexico and Central America.

Like the Hindus, the Mayas had knowledge of zero, they were the only ones besides the Indians, using this mathematical concept.

About astronomy, the old Maya Observatory is better aligned, and oriented than the present day Paris Observatory.

The use of the wheel, although the Mayas used the wheels mainly in children toys,

Among other similarities, a technique for manufacturing bark paper, also used in other places in the South Asian continent, particularly in Indonesia.

The Hindus could have traveled to the Americans from Indonesia too, since they were very good navigators.

The temples are remarkably similar, with the slopes of the roofs, their dimensions, and positions of doors and windows, practically like the Hindus and their Vastu Shastra. Other dimensions, like the…

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