Green-winged sea



Green-winged sight


Born of sea-


Water, boundless.


A sun’s ray,




Wind of sands.


To see the graceful stone-lit lands


Beyond the grumbling darkness,


To find the moon who spoke


Beyond the black, billowing smoke,


To never turn away,


To ride,


Through the night


Until the geese call in the first light,


To dance


In the unsung mystery


Of juniper trees that bend


Atop the cliffs, harrowing,


By the wandering sea


Of green translucence,


To walk on through storms that whip,


That wend


Their way along the mountain tip,


To go


Straight into the wind’s breath


Of the tiger’s night,


Into the widening


Jaws of death,


Into the mist,


Of the blue


Dawn at the farthest


Edge of the forest,


Before time awoke


Is ever to follow


The son of the wind, unfaltering,


Into the brave beauty


Of his song, unending,




© Sharon St Joan, September 2016


Photo: © Matabum /

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