The one who remains



You who are the wisdom


And the treasure – on the hill where bells peal


Life and death,


Death and life,


Birth, rebirth,


Or freedom


From the ever-grinding wheel


Of strife.






It is you who stay,


Who live deep in the dens of the earth,


In the rain-dark soil,




Of all being,


You who stay


When all has left


Fled far on the crane-white wings that shimmer,


And you too who encircle the stars and the moon,


You who glimmer


Like the lily,


Soul bereft


That hisses of the ending soon.


You flow


Coil upon blue-hued coil,


Your hooded heads sway,


You know all


And yet nothing,


You sing the call


Of the lakes of eternity


On the silver wave


In the night of falling snow


And the peace of the dawn-pale petal.


Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.


© Sharon St Joan, 2016


Photo: © Mgkuijpers | / Arabian cobra







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