Magic bird


By Sharon St Joan


Magic bird of flames


And waterfalls,


Where now have you gone?




Into the mists


Of the night


Into the deep, green forests,


From where you first arose,




Among the kanchi trees


In the winds that only the starlight




The echo


Of your song calls


Among the leaves radiant




Even when the echo falls silent,


Your feathers green and red


Glimmer still


In the blueness


Of dawn,


Kamakshi, mystery known by many names,


Mother of the darkness,


And the light,


Where have you gone?


Into the farthest woods of being


Where none can ever follow.


Now only the graceful deer stand alone


In the meadow


Where their toes




Silver in the grass singing,





Written March 11, 2016


Photo: Sharon St Joan


© 2016, Sharon St Joan

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