Council for all wildlife


In a time when songbirds were plentiful in the deciduous forests around Cincinnati, Ohio, Suzanne Cordrey grew up watching colorful birds come to the feeder outside the window and became enamored with the cardinals, eastern bluebirds and hummingbirds, among others.

She followed a normal pathway through school and after receiving a Masters degree in dental hygiene administration, found her way to Colorado. Golden eagles, red tailed hawks, magpies all called to her from the forests while she had to bridge that world with her career in dental hygiene. Then, during a bout of illness, a nagging voice in her head began to ask why she couldn’t just live her passion. So she left her career and began seeking a way to become an advocate for the animal kingdom in some way.

While attending a goals day workshop in San Diego, she found herself in tears, for no apparent reason. One…

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