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Raised on a North Carolina farm, surrounded by cows, horses and chickens, Dr. John Carter spent much of his youth exploring nearby woods, backpacking in the Smoky Mountains and occasionally in Wyoming.

In 1975, he followed his parents to Utah, and attended graduate school at USU, receiving his PhD in ecology.

He has spent the decades since conducting scientific studies that benefit wildlife, and says that he probably won’t retire because the wilderness keeps calling him, and he sees the need to help.

The Yellowstone to Uintas Connection, of which he is the Founder and Manager, carries out projects to conserve and restore the wild lands of Utah and Idaho.

OldGrowthconifer forest1-10-600-450-80-c An old growth conifer forest

Recently, Dr. Carter has been embroiled in a battle to prevent the Pocatello, Idaho Municipal watershed from being grazed by cattle. He explains that cattle pollute the streams in the watershed and cause damage that…

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