Council for all wildlife


The RAC (Regional Advisory Council) meeting for the southwestern region was held on May 6, in Richfield, Utah, to discuss and vote on whether or not a crow hunt should be allowed in Utah.

Below is an excerpt from the audio recording. You can listen to the whole meeting by clicking on the link below. There were meetings held in all the Utah regions, and the audio for all these meetings is also available.

“Wanton waste of wildlife”

Mike Staheli: Back to the crows. Because you declare them a game species, you put a limit on them, you’re going to make us remove them from the field, now is the wanton waste of wildlife issue going to also apply? In other words if you don’t want to eat them you better not shoot them, right? 


Blair Stringham: Yep, yeah, exactly. 


Mike Staheli: So it would apply then? 


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