What an Amazing World!

The Golden Pavilion The Golden Pavilion

We step out of Diamond Hill MTR station in Kowloon, walking towards a walled area surrounded by tall housing estates and bordered by overlapping flyovers. A gilded pavilion emerges behind the walled enclosure, standing on a small island in a pond, glowing under the midday sun. Two bright orange bridges connect the pavilion with rows of manicured trees at the rim of the pool; the color of the leaves balances the salient hues of the timber structures, providing an unlikely visual pleasure amid the ever-growing concrete forest nearby.

“Go to Nan Lian Garden the next time you visit Hong Kong!” a friend assured me long before my second trip to the city. “It’s not that easy to find but it’s lovely,” she added.

Built less than a decade ago, Nan Lian Garden today not only provides a calm sanctuary for urban dwellers, but also a closer look…

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