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rt01 Rice Terraces at Jatiluwih

Nyiur melambai di tepi pantai ǀ Palm leaves waving on the beach
Menghias indah wajah tanah airku ǀ Adorning the beautiful face of my homeland
Siulan burung di puncak bambu ǀ Birds singing on top of bambo trees
Berirama pujaan tumpah darahku ǀ Rhyming with the adoration of my motherland

Sawah ladang luas ǀ Vast rice paddies and fields
Lenggang padi kuning berayun ǀ Yellow rice plants swaying around
Memanggil semua bertamasya ǀ Calling everyone to go on vacation
Memuja alam Indonesia ǀ Admiring the nature of Indonesia
Sungguh indah pandangan tanah airku ǀ How beautiful the landscapes of my homeland are

– Tamasya by Daljono, a song often sung in Indonesian children singing competition

Most Indonesian children are familiarized with songs about the beauty of their country since early childhood, usually describing the lush, fertile and incomparable Indonesian natural landscapes. Give them a piece of paper…

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