Art, animals, and the earth

By Rashmi Ranjan,

On behalf of the APOWA team

APOWA has been providing relief to animals in cyclone- and flood-affected villages of Odisha, India.  Phailin left a trail of destruction.  According to the report of the Animal Resource Development Department, Government of Odisha, over seven million animals were adversely affected.

The cyclone, attaining a windspeed of 220 kilometers per hour (136 miles per hour) killed 1,500 large animals, 3,000 small animals and 600,000 birds.

Recent heavy rains, due to another low pressure system that formed over the Bay of Bengal on the Odisha coast, have worsened the suffering of Phailin victims. A continuous downpour has made life precarious and painful in the affected areas.

Since the cyclone struck, APOWA’s disaster response team has been conducting rescue and relief work on the basis of a war footing.  We’ve been helped by five animal caretakers who feed neighborhood dogs and an honorary…

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