Art, animals, and the earth

By Rashmi Ranjan,

On behalf of the APOWA Team,

Odisha, India

APOWA’s Disaster Response team is working to help the animal survivors of the devastating cyclone and flood in Odisha. Our team has been working relentlessly since the cyclone ‘Phailin’ hit the Odisha coast on October 12, 2013. The footprint of the cyclone is huge and immeasurable.

October 16, 2013:

One of our teams, headed by Dr. Laxman Behera, reached Pallibandha in the Ganjam block of Ganjam district, a village with a mostly homeless dog and feral cat population, already struggling to survive before the cyclone. We helped 64 distressed animals by providing food, water, and treatment.

APOWA is a non-profit organisation that mobilizes volunteers and resources for animal victims.

Injury and disease are always common following a severe cyclone, whenever saltwater pours into a seaside village.

October 17, 2013:

Our team rushed to Purunabandha, a seaside village in Ganjam district, severely…

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