India: In memory of Smiley

She isn't smiling yet, but she's about to.
She isn’t smiling yet, but she’s about to.



Smiley was a special dog.  All dogs are special, of course, including all the many dogs who have found their way from the streets of Chennai to Dr. Chinny Krishna’s factory, and then from there many have found their way into the home of Dr. Nanditha and Dr. Chinny Krishna.


But Smiley had unique talents.  As well as being charming and endearing, she had a delightful smile – actually a broad grin – which showed all her teeth.  When Smiley was smiling, it was impossible not to smile too.  Dr. Chinny Krishna writes, “She was really the ‘smilingest’ dog I have ever known.”


She was about 7 or 8 when he took her home from his factory in 2006, and she lived to be around fifteen, always active, happy, and in good health.  Even on the morning of  May 13, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.


She passed away that afternoon and has gone on to her next adventure, carrying her smile with her to light the lives of friends she meets along the way.


May Smiley rest in peace as she brings peace to others.

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