Where will you go

Now, little pigeon, pearl white and black jet?

Will you perch on the petals

Of the moon

And peck at tufts of cloud and raindrops?

Will your wings be woven of the wind

And your eyes of starlight hewn?

Will you fly with pigeon angels

To a faraway flowered land

To feathered friends known

Well from feathered dreams?

Where will you go

Now, little one,

Now that the sun has set

And the new moon gleams

Bright through the mist

Over the tall pines?

Will you pass this way someday again

In a sunlit distant springtime?

Will you nod your head to say hello

And walk with happy feet

Among the snow and buttercups?


© Sharon St Joan, written around 1990

Photo: © Aqvamarin / Dreamstime.com