Until the hour

ancient megalith structure
Photo by Umar Hamzah Ramadhan on Pexels.com

Until the Hour

Through dim

Years of distain,

On the barren,

Moon-dark steppes, the hero’s

Blade has lain,


In the shadows,

Where regiments of rattling


Skulk by,

Their bones


In the wind, the lights of their eyes


Lugging through the mire,

Their banners grim

All hung with skulls and bells and pelts on wire,

They, the rusted kings,

Who create and re-create

Their soulless empire

Of uncounted deaths

And only lies.

Yet, all the while, the snow lily


Among the rocks

In the rain

Of silver tomorrows

Her petals, ghost-patterned

In the grace-filled land

Where all beginnings

Once arose

In the foothills of the eternal ones.

There gentle flocks

Of dragons,

Hatched of the sea,


In the pure skies

That overlie

The smoking rim

Of time, until

The hour when,

In the quiet, unremarked snows

That slip over oak and briar,

Along the high,

White-hooded hill,

Dragon dreams of standing stones

Walk abroad again

On the earth, and

The sword sings

In the ancient dawn

Of mists and myths.


Written around 2000.

© Copyright, Sharon St Joan.

6 thoughts on “Until the hour

  1. After hearing the news of an alliance between China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and, one assumes, Russia, the possibility that Biden will OK drilling in the Willow Wilderness in Alaska is understandable, but still terribly disappointing. I hope he doesn’t end up doing it.

  2. After hearing the news yesterday about alliances between China, Iran,
    Saudi Arabia and, one would assume, Russia, the further possibility of Biden OK’ing drilling at the Willow Wilderness in Alaska doesn’t seem surprising, but is nevertheless terribly disappointing. I hope he doesn’t end up doing it.

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