A conversation by the sea

green grass on sand overlooking body of water
Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

No one knew where he came from

Or why he looked a little odd,

Or what village was his home,

The one who was blue

And swam with fish

And had a gentle presence

And glimmering sea-green eyes.

They had a walk and a long talk

And after a while

A memory flickered of the friend

Known from long ago

By the rolling sea

Under the falling snow

Drifting down from the hills afar

Near an ancient star

In the lore

Of a distant folk

Who spoke

A fluid tongue that ran

On and on like the ringing rivers of time

A flickering smile

On another world

Sometime before

A gentle presence

The one who was from another place

By the sea

Of reflections

Of silver beings

Of a world


Furled in winds,

Curled in mist,


Home of spike-nosed marlin

Long ago when the sea gulls cry

No one knows when or why.

He walked out of the wandering sea

In the light of the moon

Where he used to walk,

In a castled sea,

Shimmering blue and purple,

Within the magical light of the moon

The remembering moon,

The sea with veins of light

In the liquid granite stone,

Within the magical, numinous light

Of the mystery moon,

Darkening before

The lotus-flowered light of the dawn opens

Gone now,

Where or when

No one can tell,

Returned to the world that was before

And evermore

And always again.

The one who was wise

And came from another world

Sometime before,

Sometime long ago

In the deepening land of snow,

By the echoing cave

And the wandering sound of the waves

And the lilting, peaceful song

Of the silver light of the sea.


© Copyright, Sharon St Joan, 2022

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