The world according to Annika, age six

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This interview was written down verbatim, with no editing:


Where are we before we’re born?

With God.

What is God?

God is everything.

Where is God?

God’s in heaven.

If God is everything, isn’t God here too?

God is watching over us.

How come people get sick if God is watching?

They just do.

Why do people die?

Because it gets their time, and it just gets their time to die, and they have to.

What happens to people when they die?

They join heaven – a beautiful, magical place.

What happens when lions die?

They roam heaven in peace.

What happens to bad people when they die?

They learn a lesson at heaven.

What happens to mosquitoes when they die?

They go into their own little mosquito heaven.

Are people better than animals?

They’re the same.

Are animals better than people?

No, they’re the same.

Is there one God or lots of gods?

There is lots of gods.

Can you tell me more about that?

Some are Egyptian gods, some are Indian gods, some are the Bible God, some are earth God, some are Mars God, some are China God. That sort of thing.

Are all the gods in heaven?

Some are still alive.

Did all gods used to be alive?



Way, way back maybe when the dinosaurs lived.

Why do people say there’s one god if there’s lots?

Because people have different beliefs.

Is God a boy?

Some are.

How do you talk to God?

Praying and talking to trees to tell them to tell God.

How does God talk to us?

We feel it in our mind or if we’re already dead, then we’ll just hear him in real life.

Why do trees talk easier to God?

Because they’re higher up and their branches reach to God and he can hear them talking.

How come I can’t hear trees talk?

You can, but only in your mind.

Is it easier for children to talk to God?

No. It’s easier for grownups actually.


Cause kids have less focus.

How many gods are there?

Too many to count.

Is it important to pray?

Some people it is, some people it’s not.

Why do bad things sometimes happen to good people?

Bad people make bad things happen to good people, but then they can pray to God.

It’s always caused by bad people? What if someone just gets sick?

That is because maybe the bad people tricked them to come over to their house when they’re sick and they gave it to them.

What about when a nice kid becomes an orphan?

Nothing really bad happened. It was just time for the parents to die.

Why are people so sad sometimes?

Because they can’t keep themselves happy and they want to be sad.

What should people do with their lives?

They have to have fun here while they’re still here. And enjoy their time.

Can people do magic?

Only if they have pixie dust. Otherwise, it’s not real.

Can some people tell the future?

Well, you have to have pixie dust.

What’s in outer space?


Does anyone live in outer space?


Is there anything else you want to share?

The great heart key will unlock a door, but no one knows where it is. It’s the door to friendship and love. And we have it.

Who has it?

Us. Annika, Dad and you, mama.


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  1. We can learn a lot about life from a six year old! Thank you Annika…you are a blessings ♥

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