Aquarius: A windy time of change

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By Niamh Fodla

It’s the time of Aquarius, when the state of the whole world is a personal matter. When everyone’s problems are my problem and your problem. And when conformity becomes an ugly word. When we’re all willing to break form and break mold in order to go out and make sure that everything is fair, that everything is correct, and that goodness is prevailing not just at home – but everywhere and in all matters.  It’s an active and interactive time during which we all may feel a little more assertive, a little more willing to do and say what we know should be done and said if we personally are going to help make the world a better place.

It’s a windy time of necessary change.

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This is interesting. It was created by someone who believes that every time it’s played, the planet in a 22 mile radius around that person receives some healing. And that if everyone played it every day, we could heal the Earth. Is it true? I have no idea. But what a nice idea! Let’s hope it works.


A video for Aquarian thought (saving the world):

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Things do not change; we change.  

– Henry David Thoreau


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