Capricorn, when everything makes sense

By Niamh Fodla

It’s the time of Capricorn, when everything makes sense.  When clear patterns can be seen in the chaos. When anything can be achieved, and there’s nothing that can’t be understood.  It’s a time of creation, when thoughts can become a reality, and wishes can systematically be granted.  When magic is being able to reach out and move a stone with one’s hand.  When hard work grants miracles. It’s now that abstractions settle into clear and present, usable information, like bursts of sparks floating back down to earth, forming intelligent designs.




It’s a grounding time of great sanity.



A video for feeling during the time of Capricorn. The sign of rocks. Click here.




A video for thought during the time of Capricorn.  Money is a topic of interest for Capricorn, so here’s a video of something important to understand about money.  Click here.


Opportunity is missed by many because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

 —  Thomas Edison


Photos: © Niamh Fodla

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