What if?

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By Elizabeth


What if suffering wasn’t part of the plan?


What if God did not create the world. But instead, beckons us live in His.


What if we’re supposed to be having fun?


Not amidst the torment, disease and heartbreak of this world, but in the white light which pierces the mist the moment it occurs to us.


What if the animals, too, are not His creations, but His fellow spirits, imprisoned too by three dimensions.


What if we all could escape?


What if the cell door has never been locked?


Have we all been kept in place by an illusion? The impression that a desk is real but that strange feeling is not?


What if we were to step through? Would we then find ourselves in an unimaginable world, trying to believe in desks? Calling occasionally from the Divine for fantastic moments of “physical intervention”?


What if God has no personality? If He did not get jealous, get angry, or take anyone’s side.


What if He never agrees with you – but is always rooting for your happiness.


What if misery wasn’t a lesson from  God – but a distraction by the jailer.  The hypnotist.  A painful pinch to turn your eyes from the Light.


What if suffering wasn’t a part of anyone’s plan except the Dark One’s?


And God wanted you free from it.


What if healing the physical world was futile without the Light of God? If the dungeon guarantees all victories temporary: a maze, always returning you – and us – to the place where you began.


What if even the most powerful psychic were nothing but a weather forecaster, noting which days we might expect rain and sun – although both will inevitably come. What if the most potent wizard had only the power to choose his day of sunshine.  Which the clouds will still block out in the end.


What if we are all playing an unwinnable game?


A game at which God is not the dealer in the sky.


But the outreached hand, inviting us to quit.


What if we could walk into His world without moving a muscle?


What if there is nothing wrong with us. With any of us. Neither the seal devouring the helpless fish. Nor the polar bear devouring the helpless seal. Nor even the human committing atrocities no other animal would dream of.


What if God forgives us all? And only wants us to step into the Light.


What if there are people and other animals who have already crossed the threshold? Who live and die in joy instead of pain.


What if that is what we are all meant to do?


What if just the thought of it makes the gloomy clouds begin to part ……..



© Elizabeth, 2013


Photo: © Demid / Dreamstime.com / The Alabaster Coast, Normandy, France





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