Sagittarius: A time when everyone is free

By Niamh Fodla



It’s the time of Sagittarius, when everyone is free. When there’s no choice that can’t be reversed, no sin that can’t be undone, and no pattern that cannot be broken.  When the restraints of dogma slacken, and the mind and body are liberated to explore the universe. When philosophies are born on a fresh, nudging breeze.


editedSag 2  butterfly


It’s a fiery time of free-spiritedness – the month of a vagabond clad in purple.


editedSag 1 bird in tree


Here’s a video for thought: click here. Here, Carl Sagan, (a lifelong atheist) gives an explanation of the 4th dimension that won’t seem atheistic in the slightest to many of us! A beautiful explanation of what “other existences” could be out there. And a genuine lesson in “thinking outside the box.”


Here’s a video for feeling for the month of Sagittarius: click here.


editedSag 5 desert


The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

 –       Saint Augustine



Photos: © Niamh Fodla, 2013

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