Three poems by Kabir, poet of India (1440 – 1518)


Between the Poles of the Conscious

BETWEEN the poles of the conscious and the unconscious, there has the mind made a swing:

Thereon hang all beings and all worlds, and that swing never ceases its sway.

Millions of beings are there: the sun and the moon in their courses are there:

Millions of ages pass, and the swing goes on.

All swing! the sky and the earth and the air and the water; and the Lord

Himself taking form:

And the sight of this has made Kabîr a servant.


Hiding In This Cage

Hiding in this cage

of visible matter

is the invisible


pay attention

to her

she is singing

your song


I Have Attained The Eternal Bliss

I have attained the Eternal Bliss.

There is no time for sorrow or pain,

for now I enjoy singing His glory.

The tree of His pleasure has neither root, nor seed,

as revealed by the grace of the true Guru.

Now there is effulgence of a million suns,

my swan has dipped in the lake of His knowledge.

Says Kabir, listen, O wise brother,

Now comings and goings have come to an end.


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This is the translation of Kabir’s poems, as it appears on the site, 


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