Jane Roberts, Louise Hay, and the present



By Niamh Fodla


In the 1960s, a woman named Jane Roberts said that she had come in contact with a spirit or a “personality” who had begun speaking through her.  The words the entity said played a huge role in launching the entire New Age movement.  Not everyone believed.  Some people thought she was pretending. Others were concerned that she may have been contacted by something dark instead of something good.  But whatever the case, the impact was incredible.  Notions like “you create your own reality” were introduced to millions who had never heard them before.  The idea being that on a mystical level, you’re actually subconsciously creating the atmosphere and events around you by making imprints with your thoughts and feelings.  This notion in turn gave birth to loads of New Age religions, each with a different twist on that basic tenant.  That your world isn’t operating independently from you, but that you’re working together with a certain flow of energy to draw and repel people and circumstances.  No matter what you think of that idea, Jane Roberts and “Seth”, the entity, certainly deserve a place in history for inspiring so many religious thinkers.  Here they are, in a very shaky old tape: Click here.


Here’s Louise Hay, a famous contemporary thinker who offers a version of some of these same tenants: Click here.



Whatever you think of these ideas, I do have one suggestion if you decide to relate to them. I’ve noticed it can be hard when you consider the notion that your thoughts are causing things to happen, to resist the next time something bad happens to obsess about how you’ve caused this. But if you worry about that, it’ll actually lead you into a downward spiral that’s the opposite of what this line of thinking advises.  The idea is to send out positive vibrations – not to fret over the possibility that you could be giving out negative vibrations.  So I’d be careful of that!  Only think about how your positive thoughts may be bringing positive things.  Don’t worry about the opposite or you’ll drive yourself crazy.  Just a suggestion!



You might also find yourself playing the “Don’t think of an elephant” game, where you try so hard not to think about something horrific that you don’t want to have happen that all you do is think about it.  The best way to handle that one, I think, is to say, “I’ve decided that only my good thoughts are gonna manifest – not my bad ones. So it doesn’t matter if I have morbid thoughts. Go ahead.”  And then you stop having them as much – now that they don’t matter.  Again, just a suggestion!


Along those lines, here’s a nice piece of music that seems like it would help draw positive things into your life:   Click here.



Photo: Photographer: Shi Yu / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain / The Moon Goddess of Chang’e






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