Doorway of Stone


Stone doorway



Within the stone doorway




No one, nothing,




The juniper trees






In the crinkling air


Of morning,


Only the peace of the empty




That lie


Pale blue as the skies,


No one


Only the goldfinch with his black hat,


About to drop


From sunbeam to slender branch, to hop


And toot in the gray-


Pebbled dawn, only


The chasm that opens


Between the slanted


Sails of the stars


Where the ancient ones




Walk in the windowed wind, where


The gold eyes


Of the bear


Reflect the rushing stream, where


Rocks remember,


Where glad ravens of rain clatter


To uncreate the rusted disarray


Of time, where the spirits of arcane mist


Call ever


In the green, breaking


Waves of the seas


There where there


Is no one




Only the shining wings of lands


Out there


In the lone doorway of stone


On the owl-enchanted outcrop


On the high




Written June 28, 2009


Photo: Sanandkarunakaran / Wikimedia Commons / “This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.” Dolmens at Marayoor in Kerala, India.

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