Spotted towhee


Spotted towhee

On a day,



As an unsettled fairy

Of the mountain,

Her hair

Caught in a half-done braid,

What do the shadows portend,


In the misted wind?

As light

Falls, the dragon

At the far end

Of the shale


Of the night

By the undawning retreat

Of his lair,

Paces, his wide

Paws restless.

But nevermind,

The lilies shine,

Where lapping waters linger

At the bend

In the gold river

Where the glad, brave feet

Of the spotted towhee



On his wings,

And hop

From rock to silver rock, wise,

And undismayed.

And beyond, before the sun

Can rise,

Rings of rain


The hallowed head of the raven

Who walks through the town

Of clouds, child-mists in train,

Radiant king of all things.


Written September 5, 2011

Photo: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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