Do you remember when

I knew you before?

When I was there

Like a crow-spoken shadow

In the leaves of the night.

(But I could recall

Only the wind that went

On and on.)

We listened together then

There in the canyon

Of moonlight

To the feet

Of gazelles

That rang

On the rocky hill,

To the call

Of the owl among the green bells

In the luminous cave.

Do you remember?  It was not

So long ago,

Before the earth was bent, by chance,

Before we forgot,

Before the walking one and the chattering one

Had gone


On their separate strands,

Along the wandering, wave-crossed shore.

It was the time when still

The acacia trees sang

In the yellow


And the blue rivers woke to greet

The elephants at dawn

With the beginning of their silver dance.

(And I could recall

then the voice of the sea-wind lost

Among the stars of stone,


Stone that shone

In the rainbows

Washed up on the radiant wave.)



Written October 16, 2010






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