Remembering doves….

The Memorial Day Concert this evening, aired on national TV, expressed many moving remembrances of heroes who have died in the service of our country.

A video was shown of a gathering of widows paying tribute to their husbands, and during this event doves were released, one woman saying that she felt a sense of peace as the dove flew away.

Unfortunately though, each dove released was another life sacrificed. These are domestic doves raised and sold specifically to be released at weddings, memorial services, and other occasions. They have never been in the wild, and they cannot survive in the wild, since they lack survival skills.

Please ask people you know to never buy and release doves. (If you wish to help a dove, consult a licensed wildlife rehabilitator or domestic bird rescuer.)  Please don’t release baloons either, which endanger birds and other wildlife.

Let’s just leave the sky as it is, and that will be a more fitting memorial.

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