Comment I posted on CNN related to the exotic animals killed after being let loose in Ohio:

Only focusing on the source of the problem is going to help animals in the future, and also protect people’s lives. Why are monkeys and tigers in the U.S.? Why are bears and mountain lions living in cages? Taking animals out of the wild and forcing them to live miserable lives in cages is at the root of the problem. This needs to be illegal, the laws need to be enforced, and there needs to be widespread public awareness that animals belong only in the wild — in their native countries.

That was the comment.  The essential facts of the story, for those who missed it, is that a man who had been keeping a large number of exotic animals, in cages, on private property, in Ohio released the animals, then killed himself.  The animals were all shot by the police. Many of those commenting on the story, including people from India, focused on the actions of the police.

In India, there are traditions going back thousands of years, of ahimsa, of not killing animals. This is the U.S., and the only logical point to focus on is that wild animals must not be taken out of the wild and must not be removed from their native country.  In the U.S., there are “canned” hunts, where hundreds of animals every year — beautiful wild animals from African and Asian countries –are brought to the U.S. specifically to be killed for trophies.

Focusing on the actions of the police in this situation is naive and irrelevant.  The source of the problem is bringing wild animals into captivity, then transporting them overseas.  Once they are no longer in the wild, their lives are miserable from that point on, and whatever happens, it is not good — so that is the problem.  Wildlife need to remain in the wild, and their habitats need to be protected.