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  From the Blog, My Travelogue, by Bhushavali Natarajan   There are three major, historical Jami Masjids. One in Cambay, one in Ahmedadbad and finally, this one in Champaner. This Jami Masjid is believed to have been built in the last period and is of the best quality in terms of architecture and sculpture.   […]

Reblogged from My Travelogue, By Bhushavali I’ve been to tree parks and I’ve been to national parks. But National Fossil Wood Park? Yup, there is one, and I recently ventured there. Well, Thiruvakkarai houses two things. One, a temple, the Chandramouliswarar temple, and another, the Fossil Wood Park. This time I went to the park. […]

  Writing and photos by Bhushavali Natarajan Reblogged from My Travelogue     Remember my earlier post on Kovalam Kailasanatha Temple? Remember, that day I tried to find more about the megalithic burials at Siruthavur and Thiruporur, but in vain? As such, its not a great place for women to venture alone. Well, recently I […]

    By Bushavali Natarajan (reposted from the blog My Travelogue)   I’m pretty sure, you’ve heard of the movie ‘Life of Pi’. It won Oscars in 2013. A major portion of this movie was shot here in India, especially in and around Pondicherry aka Puducherry. One of the shooting locations was a sacred grove […]