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This July 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

How wolves saved Yellowstone national park

Truly remarkable story of why wolves are so important to an ecosystem.

From Oregon State University in the USA:

Reintroduction of wolves tied to return of tall willows in Yellowstone National Park

May 28, 2020

The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park is tied to the recovery of tall willows in the park, according to a new Oregon State University-led study.

Wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995. The new study shows their predation on elk is a major reason for an increase in the height of willows in northern Yellowstone, said Luke Painter, a wildlife ecologist at Oregon State University and lead author on the study.

There’s been a debate among scientists over the degree to which willows may have recovered from decades of suppression by elk following the restoration…

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