I know these dates sound very imaginative, but I found it interesting anyway…

Nilesh Nilkanth Oak

From school days we have been taught that the Vedic period of Indian history starts at somewhere around 1500BC. This information is so drilled in our heads that its difficult to think of indian civilization beyond this timeframe.

I was recently reading(I am still reading) the book “Historic Rama” by Nilesh Nilkanth Oak and towards the end of the book is an extremely interesting note on Agasti and Lopamudra – key contributors to the Rigveda. The hypothesis was to estimate the phenomenon widely known, shared and read as “Agasti Crossing Vindhya and going south”.

This may correspond to either
a. The star itself moving in a southern direction.
b. A person named Agasti(in this case Rishi Agastya) moving south of the Vindhyas to stumble on one of the brightest stars not visible north of the VIndhyas and thereby the star getting the name of the person.

I highly encourage everyone…

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