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Doug Tallamy is an ecologist who is currently the hot speaker in the world of native plants, birding and habitat gardening. He talks about that we don’t have enough natural vegetation in protected areas and the way to compensate is through home/urban garden plantings. He says that using strategic plants that are native to our areas is critical. These are plants, especially trees and shrubs, that are magnets for insects. They will help support insect life, provide needed food for birds, plants and carbon sequestration. For example a native Oak provides habitat for a few hundred insects while an alien ginkgo for maybe one or two.

Even thought we have mainly been using native plants in the garden this has us rethinking our plant choice for future selections.

How (and Why) to Use Native Plants – The New York Times Stories&pgtype=Homepage&contentCollection=AtHome&package_index=1

Author and research scientist Doug Tallamy presents…

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