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Animal rights groups call fur farm bans after minks test positive for COVID-19Image: Gallinago_media and Anton_Ivanov /

‘In the face of a global crisis…the Netherlands shouldn’t wait another four years to shut down its last remaining fur farms – it must take action now.’

With reports of minks contracting coronavirus on two Dutch fur farms surfacing, animal advocates are urging local governments to ban fur farming in the Netherlands and across the world.

Netherlands is already in the process of phasing out fur farms, the deadline for which is set for 2024 after levying a ban on new mink farms in 2013.


In a letter to Carola Schouten, the Dutch agriculture minister, PETA Netherlands urged her to bring that date forward.

Meanwhile, in a separate letter to Gov. Tony Evers, the charity not only called for mink farms to be banned in Wisconsin, but also offered to help retrain employees to grow snap…

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