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This 2015 video from Britain says about itself:

BTO Bird ID – Cormorant and Shag

A black, reptilian-looking bird swims by low to the water – but is it a Cormorant or a Shag? Cormorants are more familiar and wide-spread, although Shags are more numerous. Let us help you to separate these two similar-looking species of waterbird.

From the University of Southern Denmark:

Surprising hearing talents in cormorants

April 1, 2020

Summary: The great cormorant has more sensitive hearing under water than in air. This new knowledge may help protect vulnerable bird species.

Many aquatic animals like frogs and turtles spend a big part of their lives under water and have adapted to this condition in various ways, one being that they have excellent hearing under water.

A new study shows that the same goes for a diving bird, the great cormorant.

This is surprising because the great…

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