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Temples of Tamilnadu Described With Images

Temples of Tamilnadu (Tamil Nadu is a South Indian state) are standing tall spanning centuries. They belong to an era where Gods ruled upon the earth. When you visit these temples, no one can prevent you from feeling the presence of Gods even today.

Hindu religion that had its origin 4000 years back is still the largest followed one in India. Though Hindu temples are spread throughout India, their dominance is South India especially Tamilnadu is undisputed. The state is a place to some of the most wonderful architectures that the world has ever seen and all such wonders can be witnessed on your temple tour of Tamil Nadu.

Photo of Thanjavur Temple, a 10 century old architectural marvel

Brihadishvara, Temple, Thanjavur

Thanjavur, a town with rich history is a house to a special architecture marvel of 10th Century AD. Temple named ‘Periya Kovil’ dedicated to…

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