They may not be nuclear war shelters, but they are definitely fascinating.


India is best known in the world for the exquisite cave architecture. The centuries old inscriptions inscribed on the walls of caves telling that king Ashoka gifted and dedicated some cave chambers to Ajivika followers & hence these two Barabar & Nagarjuni caves, located in the Makhdumpur block of Jehanabad district of Bihar, represents the beginnings of the tradition of rock-cut architecture in India.

About 16 miles to the north of Gaya, Bihar, one can witness the earliest rock-cut architecture of India – Barabar & Nagarjuni Caves. These caves are considered to be the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India dating back from the Mauryan Empire (322-185 BCE), during the reign of Emperor Ashoka.

Photo of Barabar & Nagarjuni Caves: Unfolding the history by दो - घुमक्कड़

Northern side of the hill contains cave named Karna Chaupar (also Karan Chaupar) with floor area 10 x 4.2 m. At the western end of the room there is platform – the only unpolished detail. To…

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