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Maria WirthClaims about one specific person needing to be followed are not true. Yet for long, Hindus couldn’t counter it for fear of their lives. But now Hindus slowly find their feet. Many realise the immense value of their heritage and that they were cheated in believing that it has no worth. – Maria Wirth

“Why Indians had to suffer so much for the last 1000 years when they were generally good-natured and did not attack others?” someone asked Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. It was a question which troubled me too. He replied on the lines that Indians had not done their job in analysing their enemy.

Why did Prithviraj Chauhan for example let Mohammad Ghori off in spite of knowing that he had not stuck to any rules of war? The young Indian raja obviously had not analysed what made his attacker so unprincipled. He didn’t seem to be aware…

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