Sandhya Jain is the editor of Vijayvaani.The Supreme Court hearings have now concluded, including failed attempts at mediation. Zafar Farooqi, chairman of the UP Sunni Muslim Wakf Board is reported to have said that Muslims should give up claims to Ayodhya, but he did not make any presentation before the court. So now, Ram Lalla Virajman waits for his day in court. – Sandhya Jain

The Supreme Court is set to deliver its verdict on the vexatious issue of whether Sri Ram Lalla Virajman is the legitimate owner of the Ram Janmabhumi temple site in Ayodhya, before Chief Justice of India, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, retires on November 17, 2019. Alternately, the court will decide whether the land belongs to the Sunni Muslim Wakf Board because Emperor Babur conquered the region and erected a mosque in 1528 AD. Hindus have doggedly fought to reclaim this particular spot for 491 years, and now await the judgment with bated…

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