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This 3 June 2012 video from Borneo says about itself:

Danum Valley – The Legend of the Spectacled Flowerpecker

The story of the one and so far only sighting of what’s believed to be a new species of bird. With one of the three people who saw it.

From the Smithsonian Institution in the USA:

First scientific description of elusive bird illuminates plight of Borneo’s forests

Scientists document new species with eye toward the fate of a shrinking forest biodiversity hotspot and its inhabitants

October 17, 2019

Scientists with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and collaborators surveying the birdlife of Borneo have discovered a startling surprise: an undescribed species of bird, which has been named the Spectacled Flowerpecker. While scientists and birdwatchers have previously glimpsed the small, gray bird in lowland forests around the island, the Smithsonian team is the first to capture and study it, resulting in…

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